A memorial is a lasting tribute that acknowledges the life of your loved one and often provides a focal point for reflection. Adair Funeral Directors would be delighted to assist you in creating such a memorial.

 Our services include:

  • Designing the memorial with you and providing a detailed scaled drawing showing exactly how the memorial will appear.
  • Obtaining the necessary planning permission, if required, liaising with local council authorities, cemeteries or church authorities in relation to erecting or amending the memorial.
  • Complete installation.
  • Additional inscriptions to an existing memorial.

Renovations including:

CLEANING – Granite, marble and most natural stone can be cleaned. Granites usually clean the best as they are much harder and less porous than marble. Marble can be prone to staining from pollution, metals and even clay and grasses.

CONCRETING – Grave areas can be covered with a thin layer of concrete once the grave has settled, usually 10-12 weeks after the last interment. If the grave is closed, it can then be sealed with a thicker layer of concrete. Drainage holes are placed in the concrete to allow surface water to escape.

CHIPPINGS – We can supply chippings in a number of different colours. Grey granite, white quartz and green glass being the most popular.

RESETTING – Over time memorials can become loose and will need reset. This can be for a number of reasons – weather, age, vandalism being a few. Weather is the biggest problem as frost/ freezing water causes serious damage to the cement joints and can even move heavy kerbing over the years.

REPAINTING – Most lettering on memorials is painted or highlighted in some way. These colours fade over the years but they can be restored to their former glory.  Gilding is done with 23.5ct gold leaf and the silver & grey lettering etc is carried out using premium quality enamel paint.

REPLACING LETTERS ETC. – Over time lead lettering can become loose or even fall away from the face of the stone. Raised lead and lead on marble lettering can usually be replaced or repaired.

The above are only a few of the services we offer in restoration. We always carry out a free survey before hand and all quotations are itemised.

All works are carried out by skilled craftsmen and come with a 10 year guarantee.


We can provide a variety of inscription styles with your choice of message.

In Loving Memory Of
Treasured Memory Of
Cherished Memories Of
Precious Memories Of
In Rememberance Of
Sacred To The Memory Of



We have chosen the following memorial range to illustrate the type of memorials we can provide however if you have a specific request or require any further information please contact us.

Please click on the image to view available options

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commedagh-th donard-th belmore-th


Markers & Vases

Markers and vases can be placed in any number of areas. Marked & unmarked graves, at cremation trees, in gardens of remembrance and even in private gardens. Markers and vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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